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WiT is a diverse global community working together to champion and advocate for the advancement of women through leadership, opportunity and education, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, age, physical or mental abilities.

Our members open doors for one another, share their knowledge and experience, and are impacting change throughout the toy, licensing and entertainment industries.


Nancy Redd

"It's really fun to be part of a creative community, especially in the niche of toys. Being in WIT has really encouraged me to go after the toy ideas I've been noodling in my head for awhile, and may have the same affect on you and your dreams."

Mathilde Roux

"I believe true and great leaders know that leadership is all about people, and being part of WiT is being surrounded by great leadership and women leaders."

Angelina Castro

"The future for WiT is bright, and it’s because of a renewed sense of energy around the organization and its commitment, not only to women, but also being authentic and purposeful about its commitment to underrepresented groups."

Amanda Marschall

"WiT has pushed me in different ways and opened my eyes to different things the industry has to offer."

Azhelle Wade

"I love WIT because they really SEE me. Sometimes it's hard to feel seen in this industry, but the support of the leadership and members of WIT makes me feel like such a valuable member of the toy industry."

Erika Hernandez-Wieczorek

"For the first time in the professional world I got a taste of what it was like to have a supportive community through WiT YPN because it's so hard to get into the workforce post grad."

Sascha King

"I think people should join WiT for a multitude of reasons: first and foremost the ability to learn from people experienced in their practice, to network"

Terri-Nichelle Bradley

"In WiT, I've found women who are both open to teaching as much as learning. WiT has helped me to confidently navigate my way through this industry while growing Brown Toy Box, by creating a safe place to figure it all out!"

Mary Yedlin

"I love WiT because it's a very welcoming, open organization and sometimes it's hard to connect with people - especially in the toy industry - and facilitates easy connections and lots of open relationships."

Anita Castellar

"I love WiT because it's an organization full of smart, accomplished women who are always willing to share their knowledge and time to mentor the next generation of powerful women executives."

Margot Michon

"I see WiT becoming a stronger entity for women coming up in this industry - helping them feel that they're not all by themselves, that they have mentors and peers to come up with. The industry is changing, society is changing and WiT will follow those changes."

Donna Moore

"WIT is the true power of women making a difference."


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