Tanya Thompson

Tanya Thompson is the Director Global Product Acquisition Games at Hasbro Inc.

How long have you been a WIT member?
Brand new! So. New England Chapter

Why do you believe that mentoring is so important?
Because it can really make a difference in someone’s life.

How has mentoring affected you, both professionally and personally?
I’ve had people in my life who have encouraged me to go farther or think bigger or try something new. They’ve shared a wisdom that has helped me get where I am today. I’m doing my dream job and they’ve helped me dream big!

What do you do during the first hour of your business day?
Different things. It’s never consistent.

How do you recharge/reboot?
That’s a tough one because my life should be more balanced. At the moment I do what I can to stay sane. Play games. Spend quality time with my husband and kids. Connect with friends. Meditate daily.

What are your top productivity tips? Are there any mobile apps that help you stay organized/efficient?
I mainly use OneNote for notes, Trello for tasks. Email, text, Whatsapp and Slack for communication.

What does being a part of the WIT community mean to you?
I’m new, so I’m looking forward to finding out!