Sue Warfield

Sue Warfield is the Director of Member Relations for American Specialty Toy Retailing Association.

How long have you been a WIT member?
Since 2015, Chicago Chapter

Why do you believe that mentoring is so important?
I believe in paying it forward. I would not be where I am today if I had not had an amazing mentor when I began my career some 30+ years ago. I still am in contact with him and am still learning more each time we meet.

How has mentoring affected you, both professionally and personally?
Mentoring taught me at the beginning of my career that there is always more to learn and that if I listen to those that have learned through their own experiences, I can sidestep some of the landmines that are out there. In return, it has made me aware of how much I can also offer to others. This translates equally in my professional world as well as in my personal life.

What do you do during the first hour of your business day?
At the end of each business day, I review what I worked on that day and make a short list of what I need to accomplish the following day. I prefer to start each day already knowing what my goals are for that day. I review them first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee and a few moments to relax, determining the priorities within my list.

How do you recharge/reboot?
I am a nature lover and I live where I can head out for walks in peace and quiet or simply look out the window at nature’s beauty. This recharges and energizes me, and any stress I have simply melts away. If I get especially frustrated over any single project or issue I have a plaque in my office that I purchased years ago, entitled “21 Suggestions for Success.” I read through the list and it makes me dig back in with my chin up and a smile on my face. The last one on the list is, “Don’t do anything that wouldn’t make your mom proud.”

What are your top productivity tips? Are there any mobile apps that help you stay organized/efficient?
I live by my outlook calendar, which is on all my devices. I have it coded for business and personal. It keeps me on track. I also use Trello, as our office uses it for all our various projects we have going. My biggest help is going through my checklist at the end of each day to keep me focused on what I have completed and making my list for the next day so I can start fresh first thing, knowing exactly where I need to start.

What does being a part of the WIT community mean to you?
It gives me the security and confidence of knowing there are others out there that are just like me. Working through the daily pulls of work and personal, it is good to know that there are people I can turn to for advice or just a listening ear when I need it. I hope that I can be seen as one that can offer that back to any member of our community.