Marian Maguire Bossard

Marian Maguire Bossard is the SVP of Global Market Events at Toy Association.

How long have you been a WIT member?
2-3 years in the New York Chapter

Why do you believe that mentoring is so important?
Mentoring is an investment with great potential for significant returns. Mentoring within an organization will maximize the potential of future leaders. Even if staff grows beyond opportunities available inside your company, you still benefit from the investment because along the way there is increased job satisfaction and productivity.

How has mentoring affected you, both professionally and personally?
I had the good fortune to meet a few people over the years who so generously shared their experience. I still quote some of them and treasure their guidance. I hope some day 20 years from now, someone remembers one thing I said that helped them along the way.

What do you do during the first hour of your business day?
I update my to-do list. I have a neon yellow highlighter that I use to identify tasks accomplished.

How do you recharge/reboot?
At the risk of sounding phony, I rarely feel rundown. I love what I do when I’m doing it and I love my life beyond my job responsibilities. While reading, listening to music, and staring into space all have their place, I have a wonderful circle of friends and family including two grandchildren who provide endless entertainment and joy.

What are your top productivity tips? Are there any mobile apps that help you stay organized/efficient?
The above mentioned to-do list is really more of a journal of ideas. There are critical tasks and meandering thoughts about new ideas side-by-side. The combination works for me. My outlook calendar helps me stay organized, as well as people sticking their head in the door asking, “Are you coming to this meeting?” because I ignored the reminder. 🙂

What does being a part of the WIT community mean to you?
While I only became a dues-paying member a couple of years ago, I have for the last 18 years observed with a fair amount of awe the amazing community WIT has built. And, in my capacity, I tried to support WIT initiatives that intersected with our events. Why did it take me so long to join? I’ve asked myself that question and this is my answer. I did not come to the Toy Association from the toy community. For many years I felt like an outsider; more a student of the toy industry than a part of the toy industry. I will always be a student but maybe I finally have the confidence to get closer to this community of industry professionals to share what I’ve learned and from whom I can learn so much.