Laura Zebersky

Laura Zebersky is the CCO of Jazwares.

How long have you been a WIT member?
Three years, South Florida Chapter

Why do you believe that mentoring is so important?
Mentoring not only gives back to the community and industry of women, but it also empowers women to succeed. This is significant for me, especially since I am a mom and a mentor to all levels of employees at Jazwares. My stories give women a chance to hear all sides of the consumer products business, the good and the bad. Helping others secure a future in the consumer products industry is an ambition of mine.

How has mentoring affected you, both professionally and personally?
It’s really rewarding for me to encourage impassioned women in my field and inspire them to be the champions in their own right.

What do you do during the first hour of your business day?
Dodge people waiting at my door…in all seriousness, I spend the first hour answering emails from the night before and making international calls.

How do you recharge/reboot?
I run, spend time with my family, and I read. I love non-fiction, particularly biographies and autobiographies. I am fascinated by intriguing lives.

What are your top productivity tips? Are there any mobile apps that help you stay organized/efficient?
I’m a multi-tasker. I process information quickly and am very opinionated. That is probably why I am productive and appreciate being a mentor. Mobile apps? Have you seen my desk lately?

What does being a part of the WIT community mean to you?
WIT is the strongest group of women in the toy industry. As an active member, I am able to collaborate with other strong women to drive creativity and innovation in the industry. WIT is a badge of honor.